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Garrett Eastman

Engaging Girls in Computer Programming Using Video Game Design - 0 views

    abstract: "This literature review will discuss the efficacy of using video game programming as an attractor and entry point to engage middle- and high-school girls in a computer science curriculum. The review begins by exploring historical trends of female participation in the technology industry and in computer science programs at the high-school and collegiate levels, and the impact these trends have on women's opportunities. For additional background context, the review will then review a number of empirical studies regarding girls' attitudes toward computer science, as well as environmental and social influences that impact their participation in the field. It will then identify the educational and social goals of increased female participation in the computer science curriculum and briefly discuss various potential attractors that have been under investigation. Finally, the review will describe specific research studies that explore both how effective the teaching of computer game design is in attracting female students to a computer science course of study, as well as its efficacy in teaching important computer science concepts."
Garrett Eastman

Killing for Girls: Predation Play and Female Empowerment - 0 views

    Abstract: "Predation games--games in which the player is actively encouraged and
    often required to hunt and kill in order to survive-have historically been
    the purview of male players. Females, though now much more involved in
    digital games than before, are generally encouraged to play games that
    stress traditionally feminine values such as socializing with others, shopping
    and nurturing. This paper argues that playing games that virtually simulate
    predation (which is true of most violent videogames) has many benefits
    for female players. Predation play teaches participants how to survive
    and excel in stressful, competitive, aggressive environments. To remain in
    the game, players have to sharpen their wits, learn to face fear, accept
    challenges and come back from defeat to play again. Negative effects
    are also discussed."
Garrett Eastman

Women and Video Games: Pigeonholing the Past - 0 views

    Feminist critique of representation of female game characters and gamers
Garrett Eastman

Calling All Girls: The Video Gaming Industry Offers Exceptional Opportunities to Young ... - 1 views

    Argues that stereotypes of gamers as young and male and women avoiding technology careers are not accurate, and encourages girls and women to seek out careers in gaming industry
Garrett Eastman

G.I.R.L. Scholarship Program - 0 views

    Applications accepted for the Gamers in Real Life Scholarship Program, with one $10,000 scholarship ultimately awarded. Deadline March 29, 2012
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