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diane darrow

Education Nation 2011: Give Students Mobile Devices to Maximize Their Learning Time - 1 views

    Chris Dede at Harvard writes about power of mobile devices
Janet Cerni

Librarian Serves up 'Appy Hour': Iowa educator Kathy Kaldenberg hosts a get-together wi... - 1 views

  • November Appy Hour did serve up a taste of applications that enable note taking, formatting citations, and streaming news
  • want to filter them out to the departments and people who might make the best use of them.”
  • collection of more than 150 apps culled from Diigo lists, curation sites such as, and Twitter, via #edapps and other hashtags. Her own favorite apps include FlipBoard, EasyBib, and Evernote [all cited in SLJ's productivity apps feature by Linda W. Braun].
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  • She recommends apps in a start-of-school orientation and encourages their use in the library,
  • attaching QR codes to books so students can scan a summary before they check out the title.
  • ProLoquo2go, is being used with a select number of students on the autism spectrum, allowing them to click on pictures and build a sentence.
  • app creation tool Demibooks to make ebooks that serve the specialized reading needs of her students.
  • we have the obligation to try and provide equal access in the school,”
  • starting with teachers and administrators, who can then seed their classes with the tools best suited for the learning needs of students.
  • She also passed out a spreadsheet with information on select apps, including the platforms on which they run. T
  • Now Kaldenberg plans to hold an app session, this one for high school students to get them testing and sharing, too.
Janet Cerni

Is Facebook Ruining Students? - 1 views

    Cool way to gather stats, present, analyze, draw conclusions
Janet Cerni

Tip of the Week: Making Notes in iBooks - - 1 views

  • To make a note in an open iBooks file, press down on the iPad’s screen to select the word or phrase you want to annotate.
  • In the menu bar that appears above your selected text, tap the Note button to create a digital sticky note and use the iPad keyboard to type in your thoughts.
  • Tap the shrunken note to expand it so you can review your annotations.
Janet Cerni

A Gateway to Great Books on Your Phone - - 0 views

  • Penguin Classics, that more-than-1,500-titles collection of English-language literary classics, has a new free app for iOS devices available on Tuesday.
  • a catalog of its titles
  • easily searchable database.
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  • find book information by title and author,
  • searching by subject, genre, time period and region.
  • Each book page contains a summary, as well as a link to buy the paperback edition from Penguin USA’s online store.
  • quizzes contained within the app.
  • 65 books in the app that have quizzes associated with them s
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