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Air pollution weakens hurricanes - 3 views

    Problem solved.
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    Also, tornados could be stopped from forming by building 300 m tall, 100 km long walls across the USA:
    Those would also work very well to keep the Kaiju's out..
    Good point!

Engineers enlist weather model to optimize offshore wind plan | Stanford School of Engi... - 0 views

    Using a sophisticated weather model, environmental engineers at Stanford have defined optimal placement of a grid of four wind farms off the U.S. East Coast. The model successfully balances production at times of peak demand and significantly reduces costly spikes and zero-power events.
Luís F. Simões

Rainmaking in Middle Eastern Desert: Success or Scam? | Weather Modification Projects i... - 1 views

  • Fifty-two unanticipated rain showers in a Middle Eastern desert supposedly occurred because of ionizing devices installed in Abu Dhabi as part of a weather-modification project, a company is claiming.
    This seems to be the Swiss company's website:
Joris _

Why space shuttle exhaust races to the poles - space - 30 March 2010 - New Scientist - 6 views

    the new scientist article does not say much but maybe the paper could be of interest to our models - Nina and Friederike, please have a look at it - hope that you can get hold of it ...
nikolas smyrlakis

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Scientists bring snow to Beijing - 2 views

    Did you know about this Weather Modification Office? Promising or dodgy?
    Yes. In China it happens apparently quite often that weather is regionally modified, e.g. in order to have good weather conditions during certain events (like olympics in Beijing). But also in other countries weather modification is applied, for reasons of agriculture, pollution, skiing, etc. Obviously, one wonders on the environmental impact of such an artificial cloud feeding process with silver iodide. I just googled, stumbling upon this report which published the result: no environmentally harmful effects...
    and w.r.t. ur question: I mean different weather conditions which we experience locally (like droughts or other extreme weather events) are (often) due to large-scale/global climatic changes. Hence, cloud seeding just describes a local, short-term mitigation of these events.
    However, there is a geoengineering proposal (so climate modification) which also suggests to seed clouds above the sea (i.e. increase cloud coverage, e.g. by using seaspray as cloud condesation nuclei), thereby increasing the planetary albedo (Earth reflectance) and reducing the energy reaching the Earth surface. If this idea is promising or not, I couldn't judge upon, but for sure it is worthwhile to take a closer look at.
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