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New laser to shine light on remote sensing - 3 views

    A revolutionary new type of laser (fiber laser) is promising major advances in remote sensing of greenhouse gases.The new laser can operate (bed tuned) over a large range within the infrared light spectrum.
    Reads too good to be true .... where is Isabelle when we need her ? :-)
Athanasia Nikolaou

The weather of 2013 bucked in an 8' video - 0 views

    Very comprehensive thanks to the narrator from EUMETSAT training office (plus aesthetically pleasing)
Tobias Seidl

Wombats detected from space - 4 views

    Demonstrates how useful space technology can be.
  • ...4 more comments...
    Also, this reminds me of a poem that once sprung out on my Linux console login:

    The wombat lives across the seas,
    Among the far Antipodes.
    He may exist on nuts and berries,
    Or then again, on missionaries;
    His distant habitat precludes
    Conclusive knowledge of his moods,
    But I would not engage the wombat
    In any form of mortal combat.
    sprung out of your console?????
    my mac never talks like this to me ....
    See? Even console can be user-friendly ;-)
    If I remember well, it was Slackware linux and at every console start-up the fortune program was launched :
    so you are still not convinced about macs being superior after working for a year with martin?
    Apparently not - I just got a brand new sexy Sony Vaio S :-)
    I am sorry for you ... :-)
nikolas smyrlakis

iDriver - iPhone remote controlled car - - 1 views

    James bond compatible (without the music after the middle)
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