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Emily Jeni

Is Optimizing For Yahoo! Search Engine Worthwhile? - Internet Marketing|SEO Blog - 0 views

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Emily Jeni

Top 6 Most Popular Search Engines To Use In 2013 - Internet Marketing|SEO Blog - 0 views

    The Internet is a vast wealth of information, but it would be useless if no one could find what they were looking for. Enter search engines, the complex algorithms that scour the Net to produce the best possible webpages in response to a query.
Diego Morelli

Computational Knowledge Engine: Wolfram Alpha - 1 views

    The latest project by Stephen Wolfram is defined as the first "computational knowledge engine", something capable of answering factual question for you. The Wolfram engine is described as "a proprietary system based on fields of knowledge, containing terabytes of curated data and millions of lines of algorithms to represent real-world knowledge as we know it".
Graham Perrin

Carrot2 - open source search results clustering engine - 0 views

  • automatically organize small collections of documents
  • thematic categories
  • ready-to-use components for fetching search results
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • easily integrates
  • YahooAPI, GoogleAPI, MSN Live API, eTools Meta Search, Lucene, SOLR, Google Desktop and more
  • e.g. search results
    An open source framework for building search clustering engines. It can automatically organize small collections of documents, e.g. search results, into thematic categories. Carrot2 can add clustering of search results to an existing search engine. Its algorithms should successfully cluster up to about a thousand text documents, a few paragraphs each.
gino carpio

Google May Day Update: The Death of Long Tail Search? - 14 views

    Started as a hot topic in Webmasterworld last May 2010, Google has now confirmed the changes in their search algorithm. clickTRUE shares what this means.
Dimple Patel

SEO Content Development / SEO Content Writing - 0 views

    Search Engines love good content and their algorithms are structured to provide higher rankings to pages with highly relevant and unique web content. SEO Content Writing today is an essential requirement to achieve top rankings for your website. SEO Content Writers make sure that your website content is relevant as well as keyword rich with right keyword density, with keywords placed at the right locations to assist your search engine ranking.
Ajay Prasad

Tips to Get Your Site Indexed in Search Engines | Website Design and Maintenance Service - 1 views

    Getting your website indexed by search engines can sometimes seem especially difficult when you consider the many strategies you can use to improve your ranking and the constant algorithm updates issued by search engines like Google.
Hendy Irawan

YUI Compressor - 0 views

    According to Yahoo!'s Exceptional Performance Team, 40% to 60% of Yahoo!'s users have an empty cache experience and about 20% of all page views are done with an empty cache (see this article by Tenni Theurer on the YUIBlog for more information on browser cache usage). This fact outlines the importance of keeping web pages as lightweight as possible. Improving the engineering design of a page or a web application usually yields the biggest savings and that should always be a primary strategy. With the right design in place, there are many secondary strategies for improving performance such as minification of the code, HTTP compression, using CSS sprites, etc. In terms of code minification, the most widely used tools to minify JavaScript code are Douglas Crockford's JSMIN, the Dojo compressor and Dean Edwards' Packer. Each of these tools, however, has drawbacks. JSMIN, for example, does not yield optimal savings (due to its simple algorithm, it must leave many line feed characters in the code in order not to introduce any new bugs). The goal of JavaScript and CSS minification is always to preserve the operational qualities of the code while reducing its overall byte footprint (both in raw terms and after gzipping, as most JavaScript and CSS served from production web servers is gzipped as part of the HTTP protocol). The YUI Compressor is JavaScript minifier designed to be 100% safe and yield a higher compression ratio than most other tools. Tests on the YUI Library have shown savings of over 20% compared to JSMin (becoming 10% after HTTP compression). Starting with version 2.0, the YUI Compressor is also able to compress CSS files by using a port of Isaac Schlueter's regular-expression-based CSS minifier.
yc c

TANBUL, next generation search engine concept - 0 views

    TANBUL adds a pre-processing step to conventional search algorithms to analyze and understand user input for better results
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