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Web application Development Company India - iStudio Technologies - 3 views

As the best web application development company in India, we at iStudio Technologies provides the most valuable and splendid service in web app development. Holding more than a decade of experience...

technology app

started by istudiosmo on 06 Oct 18 no follow-up yet

5 Reasons Why Fairness Creams Are Problematic Good Morning Pakistan Magazine - 0 views

    You will be surprised. You might have heard people cringe about fairness creams and comment that they are an outdated product, or that no one should use them, ever wondered why? No, not really, the reason why you shouldn't use these creams are not that simple like health and love your body.
Diego Morelli

Remix Culture & Fair Use: Best Practices for Online Video - 0 views

    An interesting video I came across about the main issues concerning fair use, copyright, and video mashups. Highlights from my transcription below: We're seeing this blossoming of amateur cultures, video remixes and creativity, and a lot of these works are circulating on the Internet. Copyright law is all about balance........
Bill Selak

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video | Center for Social Media - 37 views

  • ...5 more comments...
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abercrobamme abercrobamme

faire. Lunette de Soleil Burberry homme - 0 views

survetement ysl pas cherRejoindre Assange étaient Daniel Ellsberg , Thomas Drake, et James Goodale , ancien avocat pour le New York Times et auteur d'un livre sur l'effort secrète du président Rich...

Lunette de Soleil Burberry homme

started by abercrobamme abercrobamme on 26 Jan 14 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Vodafone 360 to debut on first LiMo handset - - 1 views

  • Vodafone has jumped into social-networking
  • aggregation service
  • handsets from Samsung
  • ...19 more annotations...
  • the first LiMo phones in the UK
  • Vodafone 360
  • contacts and content from social networks and internet services
  • a suite of internet services
  • the move fits the open-platform strategy
  • it may also be about control
  • enormous activity around building social connectivity into mobile phones
  • Android mobile operating system is an alternative open-source platform
  • using Android encourages people to use the Google login
  • Vodafone has focused on a platform that they have a fair degree of control over
  • Twitter and other services to come soon
  • Motorola's MotoBlur and HTC's Sense user interfaces both build social networking into Android
  • Palm uses it as a key feature of its WebOS
  • The Joint Innovation Lab, JIL, is a collaborative effort between Vodafone, China Mobile, Softbank and Verizon
  • the potential market is huge
  • JIL aims to be a 'write once, run anywhere' platform
  • Vodafone's 360 platform
  • opening up elements of its core network
  • an iPhone version is planned
Brad Belbas

update on Warner Music (UPDATED) (AGAIN) (Lessig Blog) - 0 views

    This is a video of a talk that Lawrence Lessig (Professor, Stanford Law School) gave for an unnamed organization. In his talk, Lessig provides a powerful and piercing analysis on the impact that legal restrictions on the re/use of media resources has on creativity and cultural production. During his talk, Lessig shows some remarkably creative mash-up videos on YouTube to exemplify the kind of creativity/cultural production that is possible through ubiquitous digital media, yet is considered copyright violation, for example, in the eyes of Warner Brothers Music Group. Ironically, the organization that hosted the talk received a notice from Warner Bros Music after posting a video of the Lessig's talk on YouTube, which, according to Lessig's blog, "objected to its being posted on copyright grounds." Warner Brother Music Group has implemented content-id algorithms (i.e., technology that detects the digital "fingerprint" of corporate-"owned" copyrighted works) through media hosting services, including YouTube, FaceBook, and others. When the video of Lessig's talk was posted, it was 'dusted' for fingerprints of WBMG copyrighted works. The detection system identified the soundtracks in the YouTube videos Lessig showed, as materials to which they held copyright. Both the video of Lessig's talk and the blog conversation regarding WBMG's objection are must-see resources.

Autodesk AutoCAD 2020 x64 Free Download For PC - Techkky - 0 views

    Autodesk AutoCAD 2020 x64 is without a doubt one of the most popular and powerful CAD applications that can be used for achieving greater precision and design in the engineering field. The era we are living in is known as the digital era where computers have taken the centre stage in all wakes of life. If you are looking for specialized tools than AutoCAD is one such application that can be used for designing almost everything like something from the line of arts or complex mechanical parts as well as buildings. Autodesk AutoCAD is in the arena for quite some time now and it has become a must-have tool for the engineers. The latest version of AutoCAD released by Autodesk. The installation process will take a fair amount of time as it has got loads of features to offer. Once the installation process is completed you will be able to create 2D and 3D objects by using some basic geometrical shapes or by drawing custom ones. Autodesk AutoCAD 2020 x64 has got a fresh new look as the dark theme has got a modern new dark blue interface which is very soothing on the eyes. This new theme has been designed so that you can flawlessly work with the latest contrast enhancements and with sharper icons. The working speed has been improved greatly with considerable performance enhancement.
admiration1 admiration1

récits. Polo T-shirt Abercrombie Fitch - 0 views

Il dénonce par là l'amalgame entre science et croyance, comme l'avaient fait avant lui Bayle et Fontenelle. sac pliage longchamp soldeDans le même ordre d'idée, on peut citer le rapprochement entre...

Polo T-shirt Abercrombie Fitch

started by admiration1 admiration1 on 14 Dec 13 no follow-up yet
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