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Cách đăng ký bản quyền DMCA - 0 views

    Vấn đề sao chép nội dung toàn cầu đang trở nên tràn lan , khó cai quản và xử lý hơn bao giờ hết. Sự kiện ngày 17-8-2015 Google bị các tác giả tại Mỹ kiện bản quyền hay Apple và Samsung là hai ví dụ thực tế về vấn đề nhức nhối này.
Brad Belbas

update on Warner Music (UPDATED) (AGAIN) (Lessig Blog) - 0 views

    This is a video of a talk that Lawrence Lessig (Professor, Stanford Law School) gave for an unnamed organization. In his talk, Lessig provides a powerful and piercing analysis on the impact that legal restrictions on the re/use of media resources has on creativity and cultural production. During his talk, Lessig shows some remarkably creative mash-up videos on YouTube to exemplify the kind of creativity/cultural production that is possible through ubiquitous digital media, yet is considered copyright violation, for example, in the eyes of Warner Brothers Music Group. Ironically, the organization that hosted the talk received a notice from Warner Bros Music after posting a video of the Lessig's talk on YouTube, which, according to Lessig's blog, "objected to its being posted on copyright grounds." Warner Brother Music Group has implemented content-id algorithms (i.e., technology that detects the digital "fingerprint" of corporate-"owned" copyrighted works) through media hosting services, including YouTube, FaceBook, and others. When the video of Lessig's talk was posted, it was 'dusted' for fingerprints of WBMG copyrighted works. The detection system identified the soundtracks in the YouTube videos Lessig showed, as materials to which they held copyright. Both the video of Lessig's talk and the blog conversation regarding WBMG's objection are must-see resources.
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