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Elio Assuncao

New Security Challenges from HTML5 - 13 views

    As HTML5 is gaining in popularity, subsequently new web applications are being created on a daily basis, however in terms of security new challenges are also being created particularly for enterprise security professionals.
Frederik Van Zande

The undetectables - Modernizr - GitHub - 14 views

    These things cannot be feature detectedThey must rely on eitherUA sniffingBrowser inferencesProviding the same (slow) fix to everyone
Josh Miller

Aviary's embeddable HTML 5 Photo Editor - 30 views

    Some great online tools for photo editing, even open source tools.
Ravi Monitor

The 5 Most Important Features of HTML5 - 21 views

    HTML5, the new version of HTML offers a number of unique features which will change the way websites and users interact. We will take a look at 5 important features which revolutionize the way users view websites.
Bill Selak

HTML 5 video Tag - 0 views

  • Definition and Usage The <video> tag defines video, such as a movie clip or other video streams.
    html5 video tag
Kheeran D

HTML 5: Could it kill Flash and Silverlight? - Network World - 0 views

  • The World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) HTML 5 proposal is geared toward Web applications
  • HTML 5 tackles the gap that Flash, Silverlight, and JavaFX are trying to fill
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