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Nader Ale Ebrahim

Universität Trier - OPUS - Multiple Teammitgliedschaft und Teamgrenzen in vir... - 0 views

    "Multiple Team Membership and Team Boundaries in Virtual Teams: Correlations with Emotional and Cognitive States and Effects on Behavioural Outcomes"
Nader Ale Ebrahim

Teamwork Training: Introduction to Remote Teams - 0 views

    "eamwork Training: Introduction to Remote Teams
    Posted by Emily Helm on Apr 21, 2015 10:25:00 AM
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    Edgework Consulting Teamwork Training Remote Teams

    We've talked before about the elements that comprise a successful team, and I'm guessing many of you can look back on successful teams you were a part of - whether it was your middle school soccer team, your college debate team, or the human resources team at your first job - and remember the people, elements, and atmosphere that made them great.

    The Challenges with Remote Teams

    What we don't often do is reflect fondly on the remote team we were a part of. You won't see someone get misty-eyed while holding a high school letter jacket and talk about the time they conferenced in for the state championship game. In part this is because remote teams are a new concept so we have fewer of those in our past to look back on. But it is more than that. Remote teams lack the intimacy, comradery, and atmosphere of being co-located with your teammates. Even if the work you're doing with your team is among the most meaningful you've ever done, it's difficult to forge that bond through the screens, phone calls, and emails you use to communicate with those with whom we are doing that meaningful work.

    Bridging the Gap

    As what we consider to be work continues to evolve, and at times creeps into other parts of life, more and more people and teams are working remotely. In today's workplace "Skyping" has become part of the business lexicon and we don't think twice when we jot down and fire off an email to someone working out of London. So how do we bridge that gap, overcome the obstacles of working with a remote team, and create the best elements of being on a collocated team while working remotely?

    Don't Let Distance Stand in the Way

    While the physical distance of remote teams is a glaringly obvious obstacle, the truth is not working in the same space as your teammates cr
Nader Ale Ebrahim

3 Companies With High-Performing Virtual Teams - 0 views

    "3 Companies With High-Performing Virtual Teams"
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