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diwakar verma

Mind Blown... Things have really changed over the last two decades - 0 views

    You will be surprised at how much life has changed in the past 20 years...
Scott Kinkoph

5 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Innovate in Your School | edSocialMedia - 8 views

  • Are you truly being innovative or just implementing technology to say you did it?
  • The innovation, in this case technology, must improve student learning.
  • Innovative technology must improve instruction.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • must become part of the fabric of instruction so that the teachers become more efficient and effective at how they motivate, engage and instruct students
  • What type of professional development for teachers, training for students and information sessions for parents must be implemented for the innovation to have a chance at being successful
  • Technology is changing by the minute and the pressure to be innovative accelerates the timeline for implementation. Be realistic, talk to other schools and districts about their process of implementing similar innovations, and learn from their successes and challenges
    "ll the conversations about technology and education lead to 1:1, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. Each concept has its benefits and challenges, which creates a spirited debate among educators. Add to this debate the ever expanding list of educational apps, programs and services being developed for teachers, students, parents and administrators, and you begin to feel the urgency to innovate in your school. Before you take the plunge consider these five essential questions:"
mahinda patirana

/teamviewer-for-android-phones. - 0 views

    Teamviewer for android phones,This is nice application for remote can access a remotely located computer's screen on your android phone.the screen of android well show you the remote computer screen and you can move view and other,from your android phone.I am going to explain how to install and configure your android phones.fist of all you must download and install font application,you can get it free by using google play store.
mahinda patirana

how-to-install-unicode-fonts-in-android - 0 views

    You have change the wallpaper,Live wallpaper,Lock screen,and other your android phone.If you want to change the font use on your android phone.You don't have to root your phone.I am going to explain how to install any kind fonts in your android phones.fist of all you must download and install font application,you can get it free by using google play store.
mahinda patirana

how-to-software-update-android-phone - 0 views

    How can update your android phone last android is simple, you can follow the steps below to update your android phone.
David McGavock

About this Blog « Media! Tech! Parenting! - 0 views

    If you are a parent, teacher, or other adult working with children, this blog aims to help you learn, as much as possible, about helping digital kids grow into thoughtful, collaborative, and savvy digital citizens. The blog's mission is to provide context for adults - defining and clarifying digital world issues, 21st Century learning challenges, and those virtual environments and devices that children take for granted.

    It's not really about technology anymore. Instead it's about lifelong learning, collaboration, problem solving, and flexibility.

    Media! Tech! Parenting! examines or reviews three or four items of digital news and information each week, surveying newspapers, blogs, research, and magazines, as well as the media, safety, and educational websites. Blog posts, as often as possible, provide links pointing readers toward the sites or publications covered in blog posts.

    I am Marti Weston, the principal blogger on Media!Tech!Parenting! In my professional life I focus on learning in a K-12 environment along with all the digital world issues that challenge teachers, students, and parents. With more than 30 years of teaching experience I also support parents by teaching three-five digital education classes, leading question and answer sessions, and maintaining current resources on the school's website.

    My professional work centers on four areas:

    Coaching teachers and helping them develop learning environments that are rich with 21st Century collaboration and problem solving.
    Helping students learn to use digital tools appropriately, understand their digital dossiers, and move - carefully - along the digital citizenship highway.
    Providing teachers, students and their parents added context that helps them evaluate media and learn more about how media affect their world,
    Offering parents information about the always changing, fast-paced virtual world and suggesting effective parenting skills and strategies that will help children grow into stro
John Evans

To do more with your Blog « doug - off the record - 9 views

    How to share a blog post in newsletter format.

    Great if you have a classroom blog but have some parents with no access to the Internet.
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