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Maggie Tsai

disable new postings in the (old) diigo forum - 182 views

Yes, will do so right after tagging edit is enabled.

feature forum

Maggie Tsai

Add a direct link from diigo website to the target webpage - 131 views

~ Posted by Eyal A direct link will tell google and other link-based search engines more about the popularity of the target page (increase its PageRank ) currently, when pressing on a bookmark ...


Maggie Tsai

About Public view - 15 views

Yes. Already on To-Do list to further enhance these, especially the user profile area.

feature view

Maggie Tsai

Welcome to the new Diigo Group Forums - 26 views

Here is a suggestion from ollitolli and our discussions on tagging vs. categories ...

diigo forum news

Maggie Tsai

Editing of one's own posts - 16 views

It may happen that I make typing errors or would like to rephrase/add/change/delete something in my posts. Then, it would be useful if I could edit my own posts. As far as I could see only deletion...

feature forum

Maggie Tsai

Pre-selected categories vs tags - 25 views

Thanks for your feedback. Yes. Once our engineer makes a small change and allow the group manager to edit tag, I will switch this group forum to the tagging structure very soon. So that we will ...

discussion forum

Maggie Tsai

Typo in category name - 10 views

Fixed. Thanks


Maggie Tsai

New alpha toolbar update - 24 views

A new alpha toolbar just got updated to the Diigo Lab. This version of the Diigo alpha toolbar includes the following improvements: * A new kind of sticky note: previously, a sticky note has to b...

lab toolbar

started by Maggie Tsai on 05 Apr 07 no follow-up yet
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