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Nele Noppe

Where did full-text search of groups go? - 33 views

review 20091006 bug search groups full-text group bookmark cache robot crawl snapshot

started by Nele Noppe on 04 Oct 09
  • Graham Perrin
    Well spotted! presents this group's annotations of a bookmarked page, highlights excluding the word


    and does not find that group bookmark.
  • Graham Perrin
    Thanks for investigating.

    > either temporarily disabled or this is a bug

    … or, could be a sync or index issue (Diigo team sometimes use those words) following deployments. I suspect that most deployments (there was one a few hours ago) happen quietly without disturbing anyone but after each one, maybe it takes some time for things to return to full speed/full capability. And there's a mass of users' and groups' data! I can't guess how many people use Diigo but the directory lists at least seven pages beginning with the letter N. How many groups? I might do a sum of the numbers on the right there.

    For the example that we have in this topic, the 'bug' tag is certainly appropriate.

    Feel free to add your own example of a group bookmark that is not found by a search. But don't sweat it. We may find that things simply return to the required state after … a while :)
  • Graham Perrin
    > full-text search should include topics

    Indeed; I resolved topics-focused after performing three searches. Digging deeper, another type of search for a topic fails. That topic is re-opened.
  • Graham Perrin
    Reviewing this topic alongside Tren's wishes under
    and with a focus on group bookmarks is Trent's group snapshot view of a bookmarked page, in which the robot-cached copy:

    * includes the word 'Endowment'
    * excludes the word 'planting'

    Trent's group meta view of that bookmarked page: finds the word 'planting' in a note that's stuck to a highlight. does not find the word 'Endowment' in the cached copy.

    I bookmarked the page to the sandpit group with a highlight drawn over the word 'Endowment':

    Soon after drawing that highlight does not find the annotation but I guess that the search will find the bookmark in due course. notes a period of eighteen hours (which included some sleep :) but I don't suppose that so long will normally be required.

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