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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Betty Lu

Betty Lu

maxthon support - 142 views

maxthon suggestion
  • Betty Lu
    I love the diigo ie toolbar, but after one day's trying, I find I really can't stand the other foolish aspects of ie.
    Firefox is out of the question, because little Chinese sites are compatible with it.
    I tried to use the ie toolbar on maxthon, but it just doesn't work.
    I tried the diigolet on chrome, but then you have to first show the favorite bar and then click the diigolet button to get its toolbar to appear. It takes too many steps and occupies too much space, which negates much of the remarkable advantages of chrome. Besides, the diigolet bar takes the place of the first line of the page, so you can't see the original first line, but that's where the most important links usually reside, just as in this page.
    I tried the diigolet on maxthon. The problems are similar to the chrome case. Besides, I just got this script error message: '0.draggable' is empty or not an object.
    So, I still think diigo is great, but I have to find a way to make at least one browser co-operate with it.
    Is it possible for you to make the diigo toolbar compatible with maxthon? Since maxthon is just a shell of ie, I assume it is not unrealistic. Or, can you recommend something for me to do?
    Thank you very much!
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  • Betty Lu
    Well, I just realized that my maxthon was very old. So I downloaded and installed the newest version of maxthon. This time, diigo does not even show up in maxthon's plugin management page. (It was there in the older version. ) I reinstalled the diigo toolbar but still had no luck. I checked maxthon forum. It seems that newer version might be worse for some plugin, since people haven't had time to add support. Anyway, I'll try to ask them to support diigo toolbar. Thank you.
  • Betty Lu
    Thank you, Graham. I'm using Windows, so there is no "command" key. I tried control/shift/alt and the combinations of them, but none worked as you described... (control-number brings up the numbered tab, and others do nothing.)
  • Betty Lu
    Thank you Graham. You are so nice. :)
    I think there are other ways to assign a script to a keyboard shortcut, such as AutoHotKey. So I'm going to try it, while waiting for a more native solution. :)
  • Betty Lu
    Oh, I love cats. :)
Betty Lu

Can I backup my annotations on my own computer? - 55 views

  • Betty Lu
    Hi, I just discovered this site and I think it is what I'm looking for for years. Thank you so much for bringing out this useful and exiting site!
    But I fear it might be unaccessible some time. That would be painful after writing many notes. Is there a way to backup my annotations on my own computer?
    Many thanks again!
  • Betty Lu
    Thank you so much!
    To make full use of your service, I decide to abandon chrome and pick up ie again. :)
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