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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Gordon Herd


Highlighting not showing in Firefox 3.6 - 72 views

  • Gordon Herd
    As far as I can see, highlighted text doesn't display as such in Firefox 3.6 using the Diigo toolbar. Highlighted text still saves as an annotation to Diigo, but quite annoying not to see the coloured highlighting on the page.

    I presume will be solved by an updated toolbar?
  • Gordon Herd
    Came across one web page today where highlighting still worked but the next page I tried had the problem as before.

Twitter as a Personal Learning Network (PLN) | What's New in the World? - 3 views

  • Personal Learning Networks are all the rage at the moment. As with a lot of “modern” things, they’re existed for a long time but have now got a snappy new name. It used to be called “advice from friends and colleagues”. But in the era of social media the word friend has taken on a new meaning. Social media has provided me with a lot of friends who I’ve never met and never spoken to. I’ve exchanged a few tweets with them, commented on or received comments on a blog article, or maybe read a few forum posts, and as a result these people are, in Web 2.0-speak, friends. A PLN can take advantage of lots of different services – Facebook is perhaps the best-known, Ning is also very popular and offers The Educator’s PLN, but there are lots of others, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Of all the available services, the one I find the most fascinating (and the most useful) is Twitter. One of the most interesting things I learned about Twitter before I even tried it was that it is like Marmite. It polarises.
    Article on the use of twitter as a personal learning network.
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