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DIIGO AWFUL - 48 views

started by someone1000 on 04 May 11 no follow-up yet
  • someone1000
    I really am shocked at how useless DIIGO is. I've just spent over 40 minutes trying to save a page - and in addition find that the people who run it have never thought that people might want to save more than one page.

    It is AWFUL. I thought this when they first took over Furl - which worked well. They never answered my repeated queries and despite claiming all over the internet that their 'award winning' site would preserve all your frul material it didn't. When I wrote to them about the legality of the business deal were money changed hands re contracts based on these claims they ignored it.

    they should have just started their own site instead of making us waste our efforts we put into furl. i.e. our archiving was *not* preserved.
Maggie Tsai

[News] How to transfer your Furl links - 276 views

diigo furl news faq
  • someone1000
    I'm afraid I can't understand one point about Diigo. It's this: I've done the transfer process but does that mean the *content* of my Furl pages are now stored on Diigo, or just the bookmarks? Despite reading the Diigo help and other information, this thread, and searching on the web for the answer to this point, I can't find an answer.

    If they are, are they safely stored, or should I also try and download them all - a big job! - and back them up. i.e. do I need to do anything more? The reason I ask this is because the Furl site itself is no longer there.

    Can anyone explain this to me simply please. Thank you!
  • someone1000
    Hello Kevin.

    As you say furl isn't on the internet anymore. When you search for furl, or go to Diigo, as you've probably seen, you get this webpage (as long as you're signed out of Diigo):

    If you click on the red link at top right of the page, and then follow the directions, you should be able to get all your links transferred over.

    This is what I did. My only doubt is whether the pages I archived at Furl are now safely stored at Diigo. Although Graham says in post #40, they probably are somewhere - and I was hoping they were, I'm finding the actual pages are not being transferred.

    The titles of the pages I stored on Furl seem all to have been transferred. But when I click "cached" to see these pages I mostly don't get the original furled pages. (Although in some cases I do.)

    And for some links I get this message:

    "Cached page for this bookmark is not available at the moment, but caching service will resume later to save this page. Please click the following link to visit original page:."

    So I have doubts that they will all eventually be transferred over. I also find that the Diigo advice talks of "going to furl and transfer a zip archive". But there seems to be no way of doing this.

    As you say, the big issue is how to get the original Furl data, i.e. furled webpages; and whether it is still available or whether it has been lost.
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