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Minimum limit on number of characters? - 42 views

highlight suggestion
  • S C
    Suddenly there's a lower limit on the number of characters that can be annotated. If I highlight less than 4 characters it doesn't allow me to add a highlight. This arbitrary limitation is, well, limiting! What are the chances of getting it removed?
  • S C
    That's odd... I was able to annotate two-digit numbers until recently. Maybe there is something else going on I'm unaware of.

    But... it highlights the first occurrence of the string? Wow I thought you guys would be using some kind of XPath heuristic or maybe relate it to the surrounding text (context)... First occurrence? Blech :(

    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > The requirement - four characters or more - has been in place for as long as I can remember.
    > Please, what's an example of a page with a string of two or three characters to be highlighted?
    > Bear in mind that when the page is reloaded, with Diigo annotations, the highlight will be drawn over the first occurrence of the string.
  • S C
    Oh and as for an example: numbers in a table
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