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Contents contributed and discussions participated by janogarcia janogarcia

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Diigo snapshot/cache limitations: External resources are not cached (images, CSS, JS...) - 137 views

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started by janogarcia janogarcia on 14 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
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  • janogarcia janogarcia
    I find the new snaphot feature very limited (almost useless to me) when compared to what Itersai does. Diigo doesn't seem to cache any of the external resources (images, css or javascript), it only caches the html markup, keeping the URLs of the original external resources. Thus if some of those external resources referenced by the URLs change or are removed, the cache will be broken, it won't be rendered correctly.

    Diigo stores a screenshot together with the cached page, but that is not enough when you want to inspect the original source code behind it. As a web developer I need to be able to peek into it.

    On the other hand, Iterasi caches on their servers not only the HTML markup, but the images, CSS files (including the references to background images), and part of the javascript. Iterasi is not perfect either. I've only been able to save exact copy of web pages via Firefox extensions like Zotero or Scrapbook. This is less than ideal workflow. I'd love to see it available directly on diigo.

    I don't know how the adquired Furl service managed caching, but I'd like to know whether diigo plans to extend the caching engine to support the mentioned external resources. Thanks.
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