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How to remove public sticky notes posted by others?! please answer. - 90 views

  • baz2tm
    I don't want to see public sticky notes posted by others - they are of no use to me. And I don't I don't want to keep switching them off for every page I visit. Is there an option to switch off all public sticky notes posted by others.
  • baz2tm
    I'm using the Diigo extension on Firefox.
    Ok, I figured what you're suggesting. I can also left click on on an annotation on a page and there is an option to hide public annotations.

    However: Since this is an option or setting, it should be available under 'Options'. That's where I should find ALL options, not find SOME options and try to look for the rest at other places. Unedr 'Options' in the tool bar, you have 'Bookmark and Highlight' tab, under that there is the setting 'Hide public annotations on selected pages', but the settings for hiding all public onnotainos per se is not there. When the option is not there, the user will assume that the option is not available. This is bad for usability as it goes against user expectations.


    Basel Shishani

How to hide public annotations for ALL PAGES - 45 views

help toolbar
started by baz2tm on 30 Jan 11 no follow-up yet
  • baz2tm
    The toolbar options allow me to hide public annotations, but only per individual sites. IIRC, there was an option in earlier versions that allowed the user to hide public annotations altogether. How can that be done in the latest version of the toolbar.
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