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  • Andrew
    Hi there,

    Maybe bug, maybe user error.

    Problem description:

    Created a group (gpwebsite). Full details (copy/pasted)...

    Group Name: GPwebsite

    Description: no description

    Interests: no_tag

    Category: Not Categorized

    Who can view? Private - only members can view

    Searchable? Do not list this group

    How to join? Apply to join -- moderator approval required

    Who can invite
    new members? All group members

    Originally I had "How to join?" set to "invitation only". Then I change it to "Apply to join".

    However, if I try to open the group URL ( in another browser, it says, "the group you requested was not found or you are not allow to access".

    Also, if I go to
    and click "Edit" next to "Group Details", it is set to "By invitation only". I've changed to "apply to join" and clicked "save" several times. Now it shows as above on the group management page, but still shows "by invitation only" marked when I click edit.

    So, how can people join the group if I don't invite them. (Would be super cool if there was a secret URL or something.)

    Any help or suggestions appriciated. I tried searching help and the forum, but no luck. I have a large (hundreds) number of people who potentially could end up joining the group. I don't want to have to invite them all.
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  • Andrew
    More project details...

    Maybe worth saying a bit more about what I'm trying to do with this group. It's probably not relevant to the bug report, but maybe someone has helpful suggestions.

    Goal: A distributed website design brainstorm with people from all over the world.

    I work for a large non-profit organization, and am leading the project to redesign their websites. I want to give people a chance to input by suggesting sites the design team should look at, and saying what they love/hate about those sites ("oh, the menu is done really well here" or "I think we might want to use the same sort of layout", that kind of thing).

    I want anyone in the organization (1,000+ staff) to be able to participate, plus a limited number of supporters/members. (It's not a secret process, but I don't want to open it up too widely because we'd be overwhelmed with input.) I'm guessing a couple dozen people will take part, but you never know with these things. It might grab people's interest.

    At the end, the design team will take all of this input, and use it as the raw fodder for their look/feel development.

    Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
  • Andrew
    Hmm, maybe I've answered my own original question.

    I invited myself to join and got an email with a URL like this...[BIG LONG STRING]

    Can I send that URL to anyone? (They then sign up to Diigo and I approve them as members?) Is there a way to do it without me having to approve anyone? Since it's a short term project (and not really secret), I am not worried about the URL getting out to more people.
  • Andrew
    Thanks for the help Graham!

    You're right, I can share that link around, and any Diigo user that clicks on it joins the group.


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