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Thibaut Deveraux

[ToolBar] Will Digoo hire an information architect / ergonome ? - 11 views

design ergonomy toolbar suggestion

started by Thibaut Deveraux on 20 Jul 09
  • Thibaut Deveraux
    Sorry for this provocative title but I am a little upset to see that Diigo has, in one hand : exactly what I want, and in the other hand : an interface with an awfull ergonomy.

    I'm speaking of the toolbar !

    There is too many options, this not suprising since Diigo aims to advanced users, however I couldn't settle it to get exactly what I want.

    If you want to avoid hiring an information architect or an ergonome just hire the users : make it possible for user to settle exactly what they want ! (and I mean exactly, having an unusefull button is always another unusefull information between the bunch of unusfull information the web led to us).

    Also, this could be a good idea to be able to settle the icones we need to another place than the toolbar. Toolbars are grabbing place on the screen...

    I got a question : why highlight AND bubble ???
    Ok : highlight is more efficient for texte and bubble is mandatory for images.
    Two nearly identical functions = complexify reflexs = bad idea
    Why not a bubble only where the bubble can select a zone ? Just an example...

    It is clear that diigo as a great talent to find usefull functionalities but imo there should be an effort maid on the simplicity of the usage...

    I know a bunch of talented interface designers if looking for a name... ^_^

    Have a nice day, this was just a little pick... ;-)


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