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Chris Lott

toolbar "filters" a bug and a suggestion - 16 views

toolbar filters smart folders bug suggestion

started by Chris Lott on 10 Mar 09
  • Chris Lott
    The toolbar filters/smart folders are immensely useful, however:

    1) a few times a day my smart folders disappear and I can only get them back by logging in or accessing and then exiting the toolbar properties.

    2) Because real estate is precious, it would be great if the smart folders could be accessed as a drop-down menu rather than having to have all of them horizontally listed...
  • KARR 4.0 !
    for relatively faster response contact diigo at there twitter a/c
  • rildo oliveira
    Chris, I use Diigo for already a couple of years and when I first detected the possibility of adding Smart Folders my first thought was: how nice, there's the possibility of a handy drop-down menu! I join You on this nice recommendation. Cheers!
  • Graham Perrin
    Chris Lott wrote:

    > if the smart folders could be accessed as a drop-down menu

    Using the feeds already associated with your tags you can do that sort of thing in Safari:

    In the example above, View All RSS Articles will present the amalgamation of ToRead and cosmolinks.
  • Chris Lott
    Thanks for the idea of using the RSS feed as a kind of smart filter... very cool. I stand behind my request that smart folders be available as a drop-down though :)

    The disappearing smart folders problem appears to have been fixed!

  • Graham Perrin
    Chris Lott wrote:

    > my request that smart folders be available as a drop-down


    If I understand Chris's suggestion correctly: this a sane approach to streamlining, and to making better use of space. Additional thoughts:

    * the submenu approach should be optional, not a default

    * a merger of multiple toolbar items, to a single (menu) item, should
      not be a green flag to cram additional features into an
      already crowded bar

    * accessibility: what's true for conformance to minimum Level A WCAG 2.0
      should be broadly true for browser-specific extensions

      - proper functioning with keyboard alone (without mouse), etc..

    If the suggestion is well implemented, I can think of no downsides.

    Focusing first on the foot of the menu, and the foot of the submenu:
    which of the following concepts do you prefer?


    ( for a differential view, but for this difference it's probably easier to view the two pieces of ASCII art alongside each other.)

    (Slotted into the art there's another concept, for which I'll create a separate topic.)
  • Chris Lott
    Wow, thanks for getting into details with this suggestion.

    I'm not sure what the "manage" function refers to... if it is a place where one can create new filters as well as edit existing, then the simplicity is appealing. But in the spirit of the way the toolbar operates in general, the second ( makes intuitive sense.

    I agree that there is a potential to descend into toolbar menu madness with drop-downs, but as this is a feature that is intended to allow users an arbitrary number of additions...


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