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Sean Brady

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started by Sean Brady on 14 Sep 10
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  • Sean Brady
    Text view is a great idea, but can you explain a bit more how it is implemented and functions? From just a quick look it seems that a) pages must be cached before it will work, b) it does not seem to work at all for some pages, even ones that are heavily text. c) Does not seem to work with multi page articles. IMHO, if your offering is not at least as good as the, open source, Readability tool it will be hard to get me to use it.
  • Joel Liu
    a) Yes. The system parses the cached pages
    b) Let us know if you experience issues in some pages and we will improve it.
    c) Due to a), it can't work on multiple page articles now.

    We will continue to improve the text view feature, including add text view in diigo mobile client.

  • Sean Brady
    I am guessing that this is intended to work with the Read Later feature of Diigo? I would really like to see you re-think the implementation here. Why not leverage something like Readability (which already handles multi-page articles fairly well) that will let you show a readable page without caching? This type of tool is useful not only for going through a list of saved "to read" items, but also during initial reads. I can envision a workflow where this feature was added to the Chrome extension as a new button. I bring up an article, i open the extension (which I often do so I am ready to highlight), and I click on the Textview button. Today I click on the readability extension in Chrome for any article but the shortest. Relying on a cached page removes this type of workflow as an option, and to be honest in totally unnecessary.
  • Graham Perrin
    > leverage something like Readability

    (and when I first tried TextView, I wondered whether it uses any code from Readability).

    > envision a workflow 


    Incidentally, useKit (which includes a Readability feature) is thought-provoking …

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