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Graham Perrin

Reflections on the first SHEEN Sharing Diigo Training Day « SHEEN Sharing - 0 views

  • SHEEN Sharing
    • Graham Perrin
      The Scottish Employability Co-ordinators' Network The SHEEN Employability Co-ordinators' Network (ECN) use this blog for sharing, disseminating and discussing project documents and activities with everyone interested in promoting employability for students in higher education.
  • Diigo training day
  • recommending Diigo as the tool of choice
  • ...36 more annotations...
  • for the Scottish Employability Co-ordinators’ Network
  • try a new tool
  • very close to meeting all of the ECN’s requirements
  • Getting started on Diigo: a community of practice in miniature
  • James (Robert Gordon University) ended up practically training Joy (Aberdeen University) under my nose
  • true community of practice
  • installed the Diigo Toolbar and pretty much taught himself
  • Diigo’s goodness
  • get Diigo user accounts and import their bookmarks
  • worked out for himself
  • imported her Delicious bookmarks (with tags intact)
  • preparation for the training
  • installed the Diigo Toolbar without realising she’d done it. It’s that quick and easy
  • University computer labs not the best places for Web 2.0 training sessions?
  • computer lab PCs, on which they couldn’t have the Diigo Toolbar installed
  • get through everything I’d wanted to cover in two hours
  • getting quick help from Diigo
  • get Joy up to speed right there in the session, even though she hadn’t had time to do any prep
  • Tweeting @diigo for help
  • they responded really quickly
  • impressive and comforting to see how on-the-ball they were
  • Sharing student experiences via Diigo Webslides
  • encourage students to share case studies of their work placement experiences
  • a live Web slideshow of links you have bookmarked
  • using Diigo’s Lists and Webslides
  • showcase
  • publish a Webslides List slideshow to many and varied places
  • Webslides shows for different subject and discipline areas
  • Careers site,
  • using the Diigo Groups feature to start an ECN discussion
  • collecting and disseminating student experiences
  • A SHEEN Sharing case study for Diigo?
  • a case study of our use of Diigo in SHEEN Sharing
  • more confident now
  • by morageyrie
  • June 29, 2009
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