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Gaston Wilson

Tag "Clicking" / Tag "Selection" Not Working - 35 views

tag cloud tag-related bug resolved

started by Gaston Wilson on 18 Jul 09
  • Gaston Wilson
    I just created my account and successfully imported my Delicious Tags. When I go to "My Tags" or any other screen with a Tag Cloud I click on a tag to only show THOSE tags (like I am used to in delicious). When I do select a tag from ANY screen, it takes about 2 minutes to "process" but then gives me an error screen that says "Server Temporarily Unavailable". Am I doing something wrong to produce this result or is the system just not working right now?

  • Graham Perrin
    Hi, and welcome!

    You're doing nothing wrong :)

    I'd normally steer you towards the two bullet points (only) at and mumble "known issues" … "please be patient" … "can't say how long". However, in this case:

    > about 2 minutes to "process"

    That's unusual.

    > "Server Temporarily Unavailable".

    That's extremely unusual.

    Less critically, Diigo blog is temporarily/periodically unavailable:

    > Error establishing a database connection

    This, too, is extremely unusual.

    I guess that Diigo people are, as usual, working quietly behind the scenes to improve things for users. Today's work seems to involve (at least) a database.

    In summary: service issues affecting tags etc. are not normal. Today's service issues are truly exceptional.

    We should expect all things to be groovy when the new version of Diigo is presented.

  • Graham Perrin
    My public view of my tag cloud loads quickly.

    My public view of your tag cloud loads quickly.

    How do and appear to you?
  • Graham Perrin
    I have what may be the same problem with non-imported, recently created tags.


    For ,

    Sorry for the Inconvenience

    Our server is temporarily unavailable. Please e-mail to let us know about the problem.* Thanks. We will have things running smoothly again as quickly as we can, so please try again later.

    We are avid Diigo users ourselves, and chances are we already know about this issue, but in case it is a very recent one, notifying us may help us respond just that little bit more swiftly. Thanks again for your help.

    I'll send the suggested e-mail.
  • Graham Perrin
    Thanks Joel. Fix confirmed.

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