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Tyme 2.0

[suggest] Add " Expand all" to "related tags" , please ! - 19 views

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started by Tyme 2.0 on 26 Aug 10
  • Tyme 2.0
    I notice that when there is selected tags, I don't find all the "related tags" so I can't press their " + " button to find my bookmarks

    exemple : tags selected : outil ( tools! ) + online, I can't find tag PDF, even if I've 26 BM with these 3 tags, because I've 18 tags before with more BM included outil and online

    Why can't I search with the other " less than 26 BM " related tags ?

    ( Don't tell me to use "My Library tagged" field, because I've 300 tags and I don't remember exactly the tags, I like read my tags.. my way using tags is like association of ideas, so a tag couold be used for various contexts, so I can't type all the tags in the field )

    So please add "expand all" like "my tags"
  • sandy_diigo
    Currently the related tags are ordered according to the most recent 300 bookmarks. the earlier bookmarks are created, the higher priority they have. This mechanism do have some defects. We are now trying to figure out a better way to make things work around. Please stay tuned.

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