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Graham Perrin

sort options for 'Community library from the site…' - 42 views

suggestion community library search sort alphabet title popular hot timeline hash # gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 01 Oct 09
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  • Graham Perrin

    Results for a site-oriented search, for example should:

    a) default to chronological order (most recent at top)

    with the following options:

    b) sort alphabetically by title (A-Z)
    c) sort by popularity (hottest at top).

    Option (c) will be most useful when seeking alternative bookmarks for the same single page, before bookmarking or annotating.

    Relevance: defined group work, or networking, in which it's desirable to have as many people as possible annotating the same URL.

    Consideration: support for # and the consequent variety of URLs that may arise.
  • Graham Perrin
    A perfect example: includes
    three alternative URLs for the home page of the domain.

    From the community library, I can't tell which home is most popular and so,
    I can't decide which one to bookmark and annotate.

    Interim suggestion

    Whilst the results can not be sorted, please at least show
    the number of people who have bookmarked each page.

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