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Graham Perrin

some groups appear empty - 46 views

bug fixed verified resolved thanks help priority puzzle group gpd4 thank you

started by Graham Perrin on 29 Sep 09
  • Graham Perrin
    I have seen at least three public groups, plus two private groups, that appear to be empty: (private)

    I know that these groups are not truly empty.

    Does some part of the service need a nudge?

    Or will the group owners/moderators simply receive the invitation to moderate, when they next visit their areas?
  • Nele Noppe
    Hi Graham, we seem to have posted at the same time -I'm having this problem too, including with some of my own groups, and I got no invitation or alert of any kind.
  • Graham Perrin
    @ Graham PAY ATTENTION! In a topic not many galaxies away Nele wrote and she's the owner…
  • Nele Noppe
    Sorry, I should've added the link to my post. I got your message, visited the group homepage again, and saw all the bookmarks listed as usual, plus a message asking me to moderate for new members (you). I clicked on that message and approved you, but I don't know why I had to do that, since the group is set so that anyone can join freely.

    When I went back to the group's main page, it was empty of bookmarks again, and it still is right at this moment. I'm afraid I don't follow right now...

    Thanks for helping,

  • Nele Noppe
  • Graham Perrin
    /me addresses an e-mail to Diigo whilst Jabbering with Nele
  • Graham Perrin
    @ users

    I don't know how Diigo services are put together, but from chatting and experimentation with Nele I gain the impression that in some cases: content that should be counted (for display) at a group home page is sometimes not counted, not matched or whatever. Whilst Nele and I found some views to be wrong, ultimately we found nothing missing.

    @ Nele

    Thanks for responding with such professionalism.

    @ Diigo team (if the issue is not already resolved or in progress by the time you read this)

    Tail end of file 012.pdf at may be most relevant. Transcript is published with permission. PNG screen shot and other files in that directory may be negligible.

    Focus page 4 of 4 of the PDF,
    15:10:12 and beyond.

    To one viewer, a group may appear empty. At the same time, to another viewer in your vicinity, the same group may appear completely normal.
  • Graham Perrin
  • Nele Noppe
 using Firefox works for user nele_noppe (logged in), view in IE and Opera when not logged in seems normal as well.
  • Graham Perrin
    > user harmony using Firefox:

    > - fail

    Sorry, I could be more explicit.

    Attempts to load that URL at
    20:11:00 and again at
    20:12:00 appear to render something for a fraction of section
    before leading to an error 500.

    Public IP address at this time is probably

    If you want results from traceroute, netstat or anything like that, let me know.
  • Graham Perrin
    @ Joel/Diigo

    Looking at this more closely, I wonder whether Nelle and I encountered two bugs (or two sets of symptoms) during our chat. Focusing on the event timed at 14:53:31 (UK) in the transcript, I guess that we should:

    a) resolve this topic some groups appear empty


    b) have a separate topic re: the error 500 for a user who is pending moderation.


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