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Davi Henrique

Simplify and be much better! - 11 views

suggestion firefox simplify faster

started by Davi Henrique on 23 Oct 09
  • Graham Perrin
    Highlighting Flash media, highlighting images

    > highlight should be a single function, both for text and photos, and
    > should also save multimedia files such as videos and flash games.

    Hint: select five or more characters (excluding white space) either side of an image — or Adobe Flash content, such as a movie — to include that image/movie in your Diigo highlight.
  • Graham Perrin
    Integration, synchronisation, replacement

    > synchronized with the browser in real time and allow to replace the bookmarks saved by links

    > synchronize data between different computers

    Weave may be a way forward, but there should be care to not conflict with other approaches to integration/synchronisation. focuses on keychains but the logic may be extended to other areas.


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