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Lamarck Jean

Show "about" link in hot bookmarks list - 21 views

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started by Lamarck Jean on 27 Jul 09
  • Lamarck Jean

    When I am browsing in "hot bookmarks list" there is not the "about" link to know who saves the URL, the tag cloud of this URL, related lists, the bookmark history, etc.

    Why? I think tha this feature is very usefull and I'd like a rapid acces to "about" information in all the bookmarks

    Here are the steps that I made to get aditional information of one "hot bookmark"

    2/I saw interesting URL --------- >
    3/ I was looking for the "about" of this bookmark in hot bookmarks page.
    4/Desilusion :-(
    5/Copy the URL
    7/Paste the URL
    8/Eureka :-)

    Suggestion 1: Add "about" button beside the bookmarks in "hot bookmarks" page

    Suggestion 2: Made the visible in diigo web page, I explored diigo interface and I didn't find a direct link to I fortunately discovered this page in this forum via Graham.

    Regards, Lamarck
  • Graham Perrin
    A more direct route:

    1. visit the page in which you are interested
    2. Diigolet
    3. …More» menu
    4. About this page
  • Lamarck Jean
    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > A more direct route:
    > 1. visit the page in which you are interested
    > 2. Diigolet
    > 3. …More» menu
    > 4. About this page

    Thanks Graham but I don't use Digolet, I am using toolbar. I know that exist other ways to know the "about" information but I think that the most easy, fastest and intuitive way is add the "about" button beside every bookmark.

    I don't understand what is the reason why the "about" button just is visible in some diigo pages and not anothers. There have to be a logical reason.

    I think that is important improve this feature in all bookmarks, mine, yours, gruops, lists, hot bookmarks, just in, recommended..for some reasons
    - Optimize time and productivity,
    - Intuitive an easy way => newbie and unexpert users can find this option without thinking the way to do it
    - Is the most natural way because we are used to find "about" button beside our bookmarks

    Thanks Graham
  • Graham Perrin
    I do agree that we should have easy and immediate access to a bookmark-centric view of the bookmark.

    In Diigo 3 beta, we have two such views:

    a) All annotations (examples: 1 | 2 | 3)

    b) Diigo About (examples: 1 | 2 | 3)

    I suggest two aspects to this discussion:

    1. an improvement to Diigo About, or something like it; instead of two views, a more useful unified view

      — a suggestion along these lines was made a few months ago, I'll try to find references

    2. the easy and immediate access

    — again, there's a suggestion along that line, probably in relation to Diigolet.
  • Graham Perrin
    Oh, sorry, the forum tends to break links. I'll try to fix the six examples later.

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