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Chris Lott

Search operator for "private"? - 23 views

search private tags filter

started by Chris Lott on 14 Sep 10
  • Graham Perrin
    > like to move a bit faster

    Not quite what you want but … how about,

    1. bookmark

    2. create an accelerator or macro for that bookmark.

    Use that bookmark as a starting point whenever required, then:

    * edit the address field of your browser (not the search field of Diigo) to specify tags.
  • Graham Perrin
    Using the hints at as a starting point, in particular

    > tag:word1

    > find bookmarks with word1 in tags

    I entered in the search field of Diigo
    resulting in finding nothing, which is wrong (compare with

    — re: that bug I posted a separate topic (2010-09-15),
    Advanced search operators: tag-based search fails

    — and I guess that we can't begin to play with search operators involving tags until that's fixed ;)

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