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Webtwo Dozent

Save Elsewhere doesn't work for Simpy - 55 views

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started by Webtwo Dozent on 14 May 08
  • Mr. DiGi
 - One big export just for you ;-)

    Webtwo Dozent wrote:
    > Save Elsewhere works for Delicious, but doesn't work for Simpy. Is it my fault?
    > I would like to export only bookmarks with specific tags to another service (e.g. German service Mister Wong).
    > I looked for a solution, but I didn't find one.
  • Mr. DiGi
    Tags are included in exports (I tried Netscape format) - it is not so simple to get them out but they are inside... Or you can try API, but is is not so simple (

    I don't know about exporting by tags... Maybe in some future versions :)

    Webtwo Dozent wrote:
    > Thanks a lot, but that's no answer to my question.
    > I asked, if it's possible to export only bookmarks belonging to certain topics resp. bookmarks depending on their tags.

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