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EJ Justice

Resolved | Web Highlighter in Chrome is opening mostly off-screen -- suggestions welcome! - 31 views

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started by EJ Justice on 19 Jul 11
  • EJ Justice
    Sometime in the last few weeks, my Diigolet [sic - i meant Web Highlighter] window began opening mostly off-screen, up in the righthand corner. It IS possible to drag it over into full view, but when I then click on "bookmark," that window then opens up off-screen the same way. It is also draggable, but this is really slowing me down.

    This is happening on all webpages and maybe it has something to do with my settings, but nothing I've tried has made any difference (resolution, zooms, etc). I'm at a loss.

    Sample screenshot:
    (Look up at the top right corner and you'll see just enough of the blue box to use as a handle to drag it over)
  • sandy_diigo
    Do you use diigolet or web highlighter?
  • EJ Justice
    Thanks for catching me, sandy. I am actually using web highlighter. I'm about to edit my post to reflect that.
  • sandy_diigo
    How do you set chrome's zoom setting? We need more detailed information.
  • EJ Justice
    All of my chrome settings were normal (100%, medium text, etc etc). I combed through ALL my extensions, though, and found that the culprit causing problems was something called Zoomy that I didn't even remember downloading or using. (And since it was at the bottom of the list, I hadn't seen it before when skimming through the list!)

    Uninstalling Zoomy fixed all my chrome alignment problems, which I suspected had a common root but had been unable to parse out. In addition to the diigo web highlighter problem, my gmail was requiring a few inches of horizontal scrolling no matter how large or tiny the text, and my g+ wouldn't allow me to work with circles (drag/drop, delete, etc).

    Thanks for your help - glad to get this resolved.
  • sandy_diigo
    Happy to hear that it is finally resolved.
    If you need any help,please kindly let us know.

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