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Antoine Palmer

Renaming Tag Creates Duplicate Tag - Cannot Delete - 129 views

tag bug resolved

started by Antoine Palmer on 13 Feb 10
  • Antoine Palmer
    I love Diigo, first of all. Thank you.

    I have reviewed numerous posts about issues of being unable to delete tags, or of being unable to access bookmarks through tags. This may be a related issue, but I have not found any answers. Here is what happened:

    1. I had a tag called that had some bookmarks associated with it (not sure if 5 or 6).

    2. I renamed the tag to z.ABC.

    3. z.ABC (5) now has 5 bookmarks but p.ABC is still there and has (1).

    4. I cannot delete p.ABC. If I click on p.ABC, it says "no bookmarks tagged p.ABC".

    5. If I tag another bookmark with p.ABC, p.ABC now has (2). When I click, only 1 bookmark appears. I try again to delete p.ABC, it remains with (1).

    Please let me know if there is any way to fix this.

    Thanks again.
  • yc c
    Looks like a cache problem to me, if yes, it should resolve it's self. (You can try cleaning your browser cache too)
  • Antoine Palmer
    Hi, thanks for suggestion. I cleared the cache and the problem persists. I am using Firefox 3.6 on OSX.5.8.

    Either p.ABC is empty and just refuses to be deleted, falsely displaying (1) bookmark.


    There remains one bookmark in p.ABC that is somehow hidden and cannot be viewed.
  • Graham Perrin
 seems OK now.

    Looking at the problem period 13th-15th February, I'd recommend waiting maybe a week for effective changes to tags that are stubborn. AFAIR the stubbornness is likely only if a tag was the result of an import.

    > dots may cause problems ... I'd avoid them for tags

    I have . within fifty of three thousand tags, no problems noted.

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