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yc c

Quick remove from group / list - 19 views

editing group bookmarks list bookmarks remove suggestion

started by yc c on 01 May 09
  • yc c
    Not my 1st time:
    I made a mistake and added a bookmark to the wrong list - How can I quickly remove it?
    (Without needing to load an other page?)

    There is no 'remove from' in the 'add to list' dropdown menu like in some other apps (Google webapps)
    nor in the 'edit' inpage popup box.

    Could it not be added? Or did I miss something?

    This would be nice to have in the Diigolet too (and the toolbar? does it have a way to remove from lists/groups?) because it's generally there that I make the mistake...

  • Graham Perrin
    > in the Diigolet … that I make the mistake...

    A more positive approach: what could be done to Diigolet to encourage correct use (reduce mistaken use)?

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