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Problems with sticky notes and comments: spam, irelevant texts, lack of nesting conversations - 43 views

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started by anonymous on 08 Dec 10
  • anonymous
    I'm tired of all these "hi"'s and "what a nice site"'s. Why can't you report spam sticky notes or comments? A user could set a viewing filter for the acceptable number of spam reports per comment. So you wouldn't have to put a 5 friends limit, because this obviously doesn't solve it. This is definitively a turn off for new users.
    You could also put up a voting system by which people can then sort comments by usefulness, or by controversy, or simply by date.
    Also you could make sticky notes and comments reply-able and have nested conversations, and when you sort them by usefulness, you could hide related messages and reveal them upon request.

    What do you think about that?
  • sandy_diigo
    We want to make Diigo an awesome platform where all community members can benefit from notes of high quality.
    However,there are too many junky/nonsense public notes polluting diigo and abusing other users.
    So we will roll out tighter control measures below to mantain diigo enviroment in the near future.
    1)Old users who are constantly well behaved can still public notes so that only something informative and meaningful show up on the associated webpage.
    2)New users are entitled to public sticky notes if they upgrade to premium.
    3)Based on the fact that note is a fantasic tool for group collaboration and teacher assignment,we still grant all users the acess to share notes to their group.
    Meanwhile,Diigo reserves the right to delete any accounts once confirmed as spammers.
    Each group admin / moderator also has the right to determine what to delete and who to ban from the group.
    In all, We take this mechanism to maximize platform performance and meet most user requirements without any users being victims of abuse.
    If you have any better solutions,please kindly keep them coming up.They will be highly appreciated.
  • Antony Earthling
    I lean towards a voting system as well. It works pretty well on sites like StackOverflow.

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