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jiaminn 212

privacy issues - 149 views

suggestion help Diigolet privacy

started by jiaminn 212 on 13 Aug 10
  • sandy_diigo
    >>>>i'd like to set all my bookmarks to private. is there a setting for that?
    how can i do it?
    1) view all the items in advanced mode
    2) select all the check boxes of those items and choose "convert to private" in the dropdown menu beside "more actions".finally,these bookmarks disappear from the public view.
    Note:Currently there is no way to convert all to private at a time.However you can choose to show 100 items per page and then make them private page by page.
    >>>>also i am using diigolet, i'd like to have 'private' setting as default. is there a way to do it? i was looking for a userscript to do so as in delicious. but can't find any.
    Everytime you make a bookmark by using diigolet, there is a "private" checkbox beside the title on the pop-up bookmark window.
    A new help section that combines feature introductions and how-to do tips based on various usecases is under active construction. In this section, each thread is accessible easily by searching or navigating through index
    Please tell us your opinion about this.
  • sandy_diigo
    The bug has been fixed. Please check it again.

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