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Muhammad Ali

Not Highlighting the text - 78 views

Bug google add-ons toolbar reload resolved

started by Muhammad Ali on 28 Jan 09
  • Muhammad Ali
    Diggo Version:
    Browser: FireFox 3.0.5
    OS: Windows XP - SP III

    One thing that i noticed was that yesterday, it was not highlighting any text on the page i quoted above. but today when i re-opened those pages. the had all the highlighting i did yesterday :s .. ?
  • Graham Perrin
    DanglingChap wrote:

    > Diggo Version:

    We have more recent version at

    I guess you gained the add-on from

    The presence of an outdated version at is a known issue. Sorry you were bugged by it.

    (Diigo user)
  • Graham Perrin
    Remotely: are you aiming your highlights at the original page, or at the Diigo cached copy?

    Locally: try clearing all caches that may affect the Firefox browsing experience, then restart Windows XP.

    If the symptom persists and if you wish to reduce the bug, I suggest:

    1. temporarily disable Diigo

    2. try Diigolet 3.1b506 in Firefox 3.0.5.

    If no improvement in Firefox, then try Diigolet in non-Gecko rendering engines:

    3. Diigolet in WebKit (Safari, or Chrome beta)

    4. Diigolet in Internet Explorer.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Thanks Graham!

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