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Fuzbolero .

MyGroups page can easily become more useful - 6 views

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started by Fuzbolero . on 26 Oct 09
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  • Fuzbolero .
    Currently, the MyGroups page here at shows a few of the the latest bookmarks since last time the particular group page was visited.

    I have a suggestion that solves what would be a separate feature request:

    It would be more practical if that page showed only recent bookmarks posted by any other user than yourself. Notice that I am only talking about the main groups page now, the one that shows all groups you are member of, not each main group page. That way, we can easily see which of the groups that has new content posted by others. Personally, I dont need to be reminded about bookmarks I have posted myself on that particular page.

    It would also be great if it was possible to subscribe ONLY to bookmarks posted by others also to email, so that we could save even more time.

    I have several groups that I share with only a few other people, and I am the one who posts to them, the others are mainly informed about it, they dont post much themselves. I am tired of checking my own bookmarks just to see if someone else has posted something there, finding that they havent, and that I just wasted some more time.

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