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John Lawrence

Moving a bookmark into a section within a list - 204 views

help bookmark section lists

started by John Lawrence on 10 Jul 10
  • John Lawrence
    I set up a new list and saw that I could add sections. That done, I wanted to move some of my bookmarked items into the appropriate section. I cannot find a way to do this? Is it possible or should I just delete my sections?
  • My Monaro
    I am only new to diigo, as a result, I am only learning the features which are available. The way I would move bookmarks from the same list, into different sections is to use the Up/Down option on the right of the screen for each bookmark.

    However, I have not been able to work out how to move a bookmark from one list to another list, apart from saving the bookmark in the "new list" and then deleting the bookmark in the original list.
  • John Lawrence
    I've solved my problem! When you hover on a section or link, a blue line appears on the LEFT hand side. By clicking and dragging that blue indicator, you can rearrange both links and sections.

    The right hand side indicators of "Top" "Bottom" "Up" and "Down" have no effect when it comes to sections. They do, however, seem to work when dealing with bookmarks or links.
  • My Monaro
    Okay, thanks for the info.

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