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Graham Perrin

moderation: content lost following approval - 49 views

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started by Graham Perrin on 31 Mar 10
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  • Graham Perrin
    In the moderation interface to this group, I:

    1. command-clicked one person's post to view in a separate tab, it was interesting

    2. selected multiple people for approval, including the person whose post interested me

    3. approved those people

    4. reviewed the post.


    Immediately following approval of the author, does not exist.
  • Graham Perrin
    At abueno1 reports unexplained deletion of content.
  • Graham Perrin
    In the sandpit group I had three new members pending moderation.

    I began by selecting (checking the box) and approving Mr. DiGi

    Then, amongst other things, command-clicked the group name amongst the breadcrumbs to view the group in a new tab.

    Confirmed that the approved person's posts were present:

    Clicked on the earlier tab, then (amongst other things) AFAIR I clicked the ban button without selecting any user.

    Then (amongst other things) approved both joel and yc c (I can't remember which one I approved first, but my instinct is that the order is irrelevant).

    Then, viewed (or reviewed) one of the posts from the first approved person:

    and viewed (or reviewed) that approved person's profile within the group:

    - clearly, their content has been lost (probably deleted) at some point following approval.

    Pending advice from the Diigo team, my personal advice to group owners/moderators has to be:

    * refrain from banning - in some circumstances, a previously approved person may be banned!

    Back to basics on this one. Something obscure, non-obvious, may be seriously wrong with the UI in this area.

    If an approval of a person is followed by a ban of a different person, then might the browser/service misinterpret the ban as applying to a previously selected (not most recently selected) person?
  • Graham Perrin
 draws special attention to this bug. I'll aim to chat with someone from Diigo.
  • Vincent Tsao
    Bug fixed now, and thanks a lot for helping us to define this bug.

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