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Sebastian R

Meta page and sidebar problem - 23 views

sidebar meta problem

started by Sebastian R on 16 Nov 10
  • Sebastian R

    I've read about the "Meta Page" in several posts and I also see it if I click on one of the links posted, but I don't know how I can see that Meta Page for my own bookmarks. I coul'nt find any information in the Diigo-help, except that is was introduced in Diigo 4.

    Another problem I have is that the "this URL" functionality of the sidebar does not work, e.g. on the readers tab, it shows "loading" for ages without any result. Does anyone else has similar problems? I'm using the latest version of Diigo and the toolbar with Firefox 3.6.12.

    I'd be glad if someone has an idea how to solve those problem.
  • kathleen johnson
    Did you see the "my Library" tab at the top? Make sure you have "My Library" tab selected.

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