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Ralph Woods

I left delicious because of this but it doesn't work - 94 views

full-text search tagging

started by Ralph Woods on 30 Mar 08
  • Ralph Woods
    I hate tagging. I use it sometimes to make sure that I won't miss important stuff, but tagging every single thing I bookmark? No way. The catch was that with delicious I HAD to, otherwise I would never find anything again. Needless to say, when I heard you didn't have to tag anything with Diigo because it caches the pages, and you can search the content instead, I was overjoyed.

    The thing is, it doesn't work. If it wasn't for the imported tags from delicious, I wouldn't be able to find anything at all. For example, I bookmarked a page titled "FancyForm - Javascript checkbox replacement". I searched for 'fancy', 'form', javascript' and 'checkbox', and it didn't came up. What did came up were pages with those words as TAGS, but not content.

    I read somewhere it's because when the engine is overwhelmed, it takes a while for it to catch up with the full content. I hope this is the case, because this is such a great service. It really is just a full-text search short of being perfect (and the advanced search link being a little more accessible).
  • Joel Liu
    Many bookmarks are importing to the system which needs some time to fetch cache pages and index them.

    If cache pages(except JPG, PDF, flash etc) are available in your bookmark page, you can full-text search them.

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