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Fuzbolero .

I keep looking for the list to my activities - 38 views


started by Fuzbolero . on 19 Aug 08
  • Fuzbolero .
    I wish the link to the page that shows my own activities in forums here was easier to find. Or am I confusing this with another site? If there is one, I have forgotten where it is again, if there isnt one, then that is certainly a way to help us interact more in the forums.

    This type of URL currently works per forum (but nowhere to be seen in the GUI here?)[username]

    However, what I miss is something like this:[username]
    - so that all my posts and replies to other posts shows up in one list, regardless of which forum they are posted in. (having the name of each forum along with each entry in the list would be very practical, though)

    A link to such a page could for example be placed in Home- >My Activities (or My Participation?)

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