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Ciii Ell

How to share or transmit a Diigo bookmarks collection with highlights? - 100 views

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started by Ciii Ell on 06 Jun 12
  • Ciii Ell
    I need to transmit the majority of my Diigo bookmarks (over 1500 items) with their annotations, to a team. So it can start to work with those bookmarks (in a more collaborative way than I did) ASAP.

    Have been scratching my head the last coupe of hours on how to achieve this without loosing the bookmarks' annotations and highlights in the process; found no light so far.

    A simple way would be to give the team access to my account, then it can changes the accounts credentials. But that's one of the few features great Diigo's missing.

    Another way, to use the CSV file that we can export thanks to Diigo Tools. But it won't be imported into Diigo. HTML (firefox) and Del.icious exported backups do not include highlights nor annotations (formats limits).

    Anyhow, they're may be a way: convey a bookmarks collection along with its highlights to someone, that's usefull for classroom, team work (i.e. public that Diigo is good at answering their needs).

    Any help or simple thoughts?
  • sandy_diigo
    Curretly we do not support transmit of annotations. You can go to to change your first name ,last name. You can also change your username there
    Finally please create a new account for personal use and give the team access to your previous account.
  • Ciii Ell
    We thank you very much for the information you provided. Looks like it worked perfectly!
    We also appreciated another post where you answered a user' request about batch editing bookmark: One hundred at a time is pretty smart ;) and Diigo processed each edition incredibly fast.
  • Louis Thomas
    Totally agree! Batch transmision would be great!
  • John Doherty
    I'm having a similar issue, does a team or collaborate account can be created? I mean in order to grant access to multiple users.

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