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Graham Perrin

How to moderate when it's possible that a person's first post is a simple mistake? - 55 views

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started by Graham Perrin on 30 Sep 09
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  • Graham Perrin
    Sometimes a person posts to a group by accident. I have done so on a few occasions.

    A question, to Diigo: what's the best approach when you wish to decline the posts without banning the member?
  • Graham Perrin

    If I follow the link to the poster's profile then click
    Send Message
    then Diigo may respond
    Sorry, you are not allowed to send message to this user.


    1. A join of a group by person P
    should be interpreted as an allowance for the owners and moderators of that group to send messages to person P.

    In other words, if person P prefers to not receive messages, that preference may be over-ridden in a group joining situation.

    2. To the three current options,
    Approve | Ban from this group | Ban from this group and flag as spammer
    add a fourth:
        | Decline

    Opting to decline should either
    send a standard form of wording, or
    allow the owner/moderator to enter custom wording.
  • Graham Perrin
 highlights the suggestion
    "three strikes and you're out".

    (For the moment I'm ignoring the rest of that topic. I don't remember posting it!)
  • Graham Perrin
    > I don't like to ban users, I'd prefer to decline messages

    … especially when it appears that the user may be confused by the two very different meanings of
    'Diigo Community'.
  • Graham Perrin
    Bump … 

    Currently at there's a good example of a new user who appears to have simply made a mistake.

    I can ban him, but that's very harsh.

    Can you add an option to decline items?
  • yc c
    I - at last - clean up some pilling requests I didn't want to ban.
    I approved them and then remove them.
    This means:
    1 - approve + remember name
    2 - remove membership
    3 - search persons submitted links to delete them

    Really wish there was a 'deny' button, would be so much simpler.

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