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Conrad Ferdinand

How to add bookmark without toolbar? - 939 views

help urgent bookmark toolbar performance resolved

started by Conrad Ferdinand on 26 Jul 10
  • My Monaro
    Hello, I asked a similar question at:

    and no one has suggested any ways around this. In addition as you are able to read, I have tried a link, but it will not work for me.
  • My Monaro
    "See below, Diigo Tools | Diigolet".

    Thanks for the suggestion, however at my place of employment I am not permitted to add any toolbars.
  • Graham Perrin
    > working with an ibook

    Working with Safari, or a different browser?

    Which version of browser, which version of Mac OS X?

    > I can't find the option for "add a bookmark

    Three Four approaches:

    1. as a logged in user should redirect to your library, then
    is at the head of the left hand column, and you opt for
    New Bookmark

    2. visit then complete the URL and Title fields and any others required.

    3. Post to Diigo is at

    4. Diigolet is at
  • Graham Perrin
    > approaches numbers 1 and 2 are working again

    That's good, thanks for the feedback.

    > my actual internet access is rather slow. Maybe the whole thing just got stuck.

    If approaches both (1) and (2) work, then my gut feeling is that (3) and (4) should work too. Someone at Diigo will have better knowledge in this area.

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