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yc c

How does cache work? - 29 views

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started by yc c on 06 Sep 09
  • yc c
    Searched the Help pages but there's not mention of the diigo cache feature.

    Furl used to have quit a powerful cache system which was an option.
    How does Diigo's work?
    How reliable is it?
    How much time does it take for a page to be cached?

    I would like to have backups w images... Any suggestion how I could do that?
    PS: does not yet create accounts =(
  • Graham Perrin
    Use the 'cache' tag, which you applied to your topic here, to find many topics on the subject.

    In brief: a personalised cache service, comparable to that aspect of Furl, may become available in due course. Somewhere in this group forum, there's a relevant post from Joel. Maybe posted around February.

    The usual, please, what's your:

    * operating system and version?
    * browser and version?
    * version of Diigolet, or installed version of Diigo?

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