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Alanna St Laurent

Highlights & Sticky Notes - 45 views

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started by Alanna St Laurent on 19 Jun 10
  • Graham Perrin
    > When I open up the snapshot … they are not there.

    Annotations are not comprised within a snapshot.

    > … click on the bookmark to open the web page, they are not there.

    Are you using Diigolet?
  • Alanna St Laurent
    If the Diigolet is the chrome extension (and I do use an iMac) for Diigo then yes I am using that. I am thinking perhaps this does not give me the option to save highlighting and sticky notes? I hope the developers find a way soon :)
  • Graham Perrin
    See below, foot of page, under the heading Diigo Tools:

    Diigolet For All Browsers
    Diigo Chrome Extension

    - those things are just two of a range of tools.

    You can use one, or both, but neither one presents annotations automatically; you must load Diigolet, or click the 'd' icon, to view annotations.

    Please note that Diigolet offers more features.

    (Using the extension for Chrome, you'll see no page comments.)

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