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Suzannah Claire

Feature Request:: Edit Function in Lists - 35 views

feature interface lists request

started by Suzannah Claire on 09 Mar 08
  • Suzannah Claire
    Some requests for the lists feature:

    1. The ability to edit the bookmark while under lists. If i want to change the tags, I have to search for the bookmark all over again in My bookmarks to edit it.

    2. The ability to condense the view like it is under "public" view while in private view. If the list is over 6 bookmarks long, a lot of scrolling is necessary, making it harder to move the bookmarks around in order.
  • Graham Perrin
    > edit the bookmark while under lists

    This feature was added to Diigo a while ago, I can't remember when.

    > condense the view

    Maybe have a three way-switch, similar to the one that presents in your library. Switching to the right for the view that best suited to management.

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