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Graham Perrin

Drop-down menu of tags (suggestions?) does not disappear - 40 views

tag suggestions list menu bug resolved

started by Graham Perrin on 30 Oct 08
  • Graham Perrin
    1. Groups > Diigo Community > Forum > New Topic

    2. below the Subject: field, type in the Tags: field

    3. from the Tags: field, whilst typing, a menu drops down.†

    = Expected =

    a. menu may guide the user's entry of tags

    b. following guidance, menu should disappear.

    = Bug =

    Menu remains.

    The main Text: field is obscured.

    = Screen shot =


    † I guess that Diigo people are working on - if so, thanks!

    Postscript, 2008-12-01
    Using Safari 3.2.1 (5525.27.1) I can not reproduce the bug. Resolved

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